Clean-room Partition Panels- Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Sheet

T=46mm,W=1200mm; ·Max L of the panel :6500mm; ·Surface material: Galvaniozed/Antistatic roll coated steel sheet/ SS steel sheet/Antistatic roll coated Aluminium sheet ·Infill: Paper honeycomb/Aluminum honeycomb ·Built function: Modular AL stud column framework

Product Description

Demountable sutdless wall panel system; ·Superior appearance; ·Demountable and easy to remodel; ·Flexible, easy and easy installation system; ·Can be pre-installed the aluminium stud frame without the installing the panel; ·Fast installation and suitable for light completion schedule; ·Demountable and easy to remodel, columns and locking bars can both be moved horizontally and vertically; ·Wall height can be easily changed and doors of any type and size easily inserted wherever needed; ·Reusable system with flexible custom to size.

Partition System Introduction

All systems are suitable for all kinds of clean room layout requirements, from Class 1 to Class 10000 clean rooms design, such as semi conductors, electronics.

pharmaceuticals,and food product industries.

Comprehensive modular design, fast and easy to assemble, disassemble, addmigration and modification.

All thickness and material of the partition panels can be designed to meet all partitionrequirements regarding to clients criteria.

lt can be used with various types of air-tight doors air-tight windows fast slidingdoors.

Roll Coated steel skin, with or without Static Dissipative Surface TreatmentConductivity and dust free characteristics

The materials of the profiles are aluminum alloy 6063-T5 with anode surfacetreatment.

All materials are comply with GB standards

The strength of the structure has been designed and tested, and can fully meet thestandard requirements of clean room.

Items for comparison Aluminum honeycomb panels Aluminum solid panel Aluminum cmposite panel
Thickness requirement 20mm 3mm >4mm
Actual plate weight on wall
7.5kg 10kg 9kg
Flatness error <1.5mm(Company standard±0.5)) <3mm <3mm
Corner and edge treatment Folding without fracture Folding without fracture,but with larger R Folding without fracture
Strengthening rib fixing mode No Welding or bonding Bonding
Inner core complex method Bonding No bonding Bonding
Internal stress Small,even Large.uneven Small,uneven
Coefficient of expansion Very small,even Larger,even Larger,uneven
Resonance vibration No Evident No
Electromagnetic shielding Good Good Poor
Surface fluorocarbon coating Roller coating or spraying Spraying Roller coating

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