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about us

Focus on the development and quality of honeycomb materials

Bihore Honeycomb Materials founded in 2008, is one of the honeycomb materials suppliers focused on development and quality.Bihore provides wide range of products, including aluminum honeycomb panels, fiberglass honeycomb panels, aramid honeycomb core, etc. Bihore has worked with various area of companies all around the world. From Cleaning room industry, to Door companies, and some high-tech company with extremely strict standards.


Company Founded


Number of Clients

Quality Standards and Corporate Responsibility 

Bihore has always trying to achieve better quality while save the unnecessary cost.

One of the most important thing to do is having strict regulations and make sure all employees are well trained.

We have regular training coursed all around the year which includes safety, production, and etc.


Energy and Emissions

Health and Safety

It is our duty to provide a safe working environment for all employees. Bihore has set clear and applicable guidelines for all equipment and procedures. Safety is always the top priority of the company.

Waste Management

Environmental Commitment

Bihore also commit to meeting all environmental regulations locally.   
We are doing all we could to minimize any negative impact on the environment.


ISO 9001

We are continuously improving our quality management system to meet the requirement of ISO 9001. This framework helps us to control our processes in many ways.



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