Interior Decorating

Applied in Interior Decorating

The diversity of honeycomb core composite panels can make life more colorful.

The series of honeycomb core composite panels produced by BIHORE, with different materials, different surface treatment, different design methods, let the honeycomb core composite panels can be used in most of the scenes of building interior decoration.

Construction Industry Areas

* Interior Wall Section

You can choose natural marble with beautiful pattern, you can choose fire board with wood texture, you can choose plain roll coated aluminum plate to do with, of course, if you have special requirements for color and pattern, you can do spray painting on aluminum honeycomb core composite plate

* partition section

Aluminum honeycomb core composite plate has good fire prevention, compression and other properties, can do some mechanical processing, with various types of hardware, quality and easy installation, coupled with the presentation of color and texture of various fabrics, can make the design of indoor space separation more modern and diversified.

* The Floor Section

Aluminum honeycomb core composite board in addition to a variety of common materials, such as granite, ceramic tile, cement board, wood grain board, non-slip plate and other materials made into a general indoor or outdoor floor.

Aluminum honeycomb core composite board can also be matched with some special profiles and corresponding mechanical processing, in the original composite board, do the wire distribution and then composite graphene heating parts, become the floor heating honeycomb core composite board, this application is more suitable for temperate and frigid scenes.



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