Construction Industry Areas

Applied in Construction Industry Areas

Lightweight and easy to construct is the pursuit of modern construction industry. Due to the rapid expansion of the population, buildings are also from the plane to vertical, the use of height to reduce land consumption, higher and higher buildings into our vision; Light and strong materials are the pursuit of architects.

Construction Industry Areas

BIHORE will be more light and strong materials into the construction field, we have always been on the construction of materials products cognition is.

* Lightweight, reduce work and reduce costs

* Enhance the properties and increase the service life of materials of construction

* Reduce emissions and contribute to nature

* Reduce emissions and contribute to nature

The specification definition, structure and installation of honeycomb composite panel materials, so that honeycomb panels can be used in most places of modern building exterior walls.

As a lightweight element, honeycomb panels are very suitable for building facades. They only need some support system, they can be quickly and easily installed, these honeycomb board materials have very strong mechanical properties, in the prevention of natural disasters and fire prevention, are in line with the relevant standards and requirements.



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